World War II ended the lives of roughly 56 million people. More than half of those were civilians.

The counter you see here started at zero when you arrived at this site.

It's number increases by one every second

Each number represents one of those deaths.

This counter will have to run continuously for 1 year, 9 months, and 3 weeks to equal the number of human beings killed during WWII.

I created WW2remembered, not as an expert, but as an average person with an above average interest in the events surrounding WWII.

Like a lot of people, I never really thought about WWII much growing up.

Both of my Grandfather's were in the war, one was an airplane mechanic on Saipan in the Pacific, while the other one served in Europe.

In 1998, after seeing the movie "Saving Private Ryan" I became obsessed with learning as much as I could about this amazing period of time.

What I hope to provide here is a place where those who share this same interest can learn something.

I'm also hoping those who don't realize what it was all about will learn something.

Please look around and try to take something you've learned here away with you.

It's hard to believe that in just over 60 years, most people know very little about the most horrific years in modern history. 56 million people were killed.

To comprehend what 56 million looks like, click on this picture.

They were not just part of a staggering statistic, each one of them was somebody's father, son, sister, mother, daughter, husband or wife.

They all had loved ones who would never see them again.

I hope their lives, their sacrifices, their mere existence will never be forgotten....

The American WW2 veterans are dying at an average rate of 1,200 per day.

Many of those veterans, and veterans of all ages, are suffering from Mesothelioma. Please click on the link below to find the information and legal help you deserve.

There are less than 3 million left.

Someday soon, near the year 2035, the final surviving WWII veteran will be gone.

With each passing day, their stories, and the chance to thank them are also slipping away.

Recently, I was talking to a veteran, he told me about island hopping in the Pacific and got tears in his eyes when telling me that the hardest part was thinking of all those boys he served with that never made it home. When I thanked him, he got very emotional and told me he didn't think anyone really cared or thought much about it anymore. Sadly, he was right.

If you are one of the heroes I'm talking about or if you have a relative who was there, show them this site, and thank them for everything they did during World War II. Tell them that many of us still think about it, and appeciate all they've done.

The next time you see a little old man walking too slow in front of you at Wal-Mart or driving too cautiously in front of you as you're rushing to your destination, don't get mad, just take a second to realize, that the little old man might have seen his best friend blown to bits, or taken a bullet, or at the very least interupted the prime of his life to go overseas and take care of something that was terribly wrong with the world so that we can enjoy all of the simple things in life that we take so for granted.

Enjoy the site.......Enjoy your freedom.....

I just got back from Pearl Harbor! It was one of my lifetime dreams to visit there & I will post the pictures soon!

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Allied photos. Civilian photos.
Axis photos. Multimedia slideshows. 20 dramatic minutes MUST SEE!
Interview with a D-Day survivor.EXCLUSIVELY HERE! Each country's death toll.
Video clips of the weapons in action. WWII aircraft photos and specs.
Propaganda leaflets. Over 300 photos of the WWII museums I've visited.
The "Wall of Rememberance".Submit your relative now! WWII links.

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